Cuevas Azul

Mount Jabalcon

A height of 1492 metres above sea level Mount Jabalcon can be seen for miles around, not surprisingly the views from its peak present breathtaking, with beautiful views including the badland landscapes of the plateau, the contrasting mountainscapes, which reach as far as the Sierra Nevada, and stunning vision of Lake Negratin to the west

To best appreciate Mount Jabalcon it is possible to take a mountain trail, by vehicle or mountain bike, around the mountainside and up to its summit, both the circular and summit routes are signposted from the village of Zujar, the summit route leads to the Ermita de la Virgen de la Cabeza chapel, named after the patrona of the village.

The Romeria de la Virgen de la Cabeza, a local fiesta celebrated at the end of April, involves the villagers taking a parade, along with the statue of the virgin, from the village to the chapel, visitors are welcome to join the elaborate procession.

Zujar is reached along the A-315 to the north west of Baza.

A superb location for outdoor pursuits, walking, mountain biking, and rock climbing the mountain has established and signposted launch points for paragliding or hang gliding, strong ascending currents create ideal conditions for the sport, attracting enthusiasts all year round.